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“If practiced with consistency, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance of the entire body.”

Pilates is based on eight principles and five key elements. These principles look specifically at: breathing, concentration, control, centring, precision, flow, integrated isolation and routine. The exercises are performed in an optimal alignment through application of the five key elements.

When you attend an initial consultation to begin your journey with Genesis Pilates, you will be taught these elements within the session. Pilates aims to provide the spine with the greatest local muscle stability. Breathing, concentration and control allow Pilates movements to have correct alignment and body awareness therefore enabling gravity and resistance to become a further challenge.

Pilates exercises primarily facilitate core stability and then challenge this stability developing an efficient powerhouse. Precision of movement, with time, creates routine in the technique as the muscles develop which leads to greater awareness and control of the body and movement.

Exercises are performed in even and continuously flowing movement patterns, developing mind-body awareness of incorrect movement patterns and, with time, the ability to isolate them and correct them.

As with any exercise therapy, repetition and routine leads to greater skill and greater physiological benefits.

Our Story

Genesis Pilates understands the importance of completing a task properly.

Anyone can complete a Pilates class at a gym but do you really understand what you are doing? Has the exercise been explained? Do you know where you should feel it working and what benefit it is providing specifically for you?… Is it even appropriate for you? In reality are you copying an instructor with no tailored feed back – physical or verbal and hoping that its doing something and that you are performing it correctly? Are you activating muscles and joints that aren’t the focus of the movement class after class? All the time feeling a little lost but hoping that you will ‘get the hang of it after a few more classes’.

It is because of this reality that Genesis Pilates was established. To educate the client fully so that they are aware and able to complete a precision technique / exercise with control and understanding rather than risk injury, exacerbate existing aches or develop further imbalances and suboptimal posture. 

Genesis Pilates delivers Physiotherapy led Pilates by a Chartered Physiotherapist and an Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute Certified Instructor. Genesis Pilates implements an individual focus, ensuring your treatment or workout is specifically tailored to you, your requirements and your goals. Bespoke Pilates is delivered to you in the Henley-in-Arden countryside with views over the rolling fields bringing an element of tranquility and peace, assisting in stress reduction and increasing health and wellbeing, physically and mentally. With a state of the art studio, underfloor heating and secluded parking, you can truly come away feeling empowered and re-energised.

Genesis Pilates offers both individual and small group sessions (maximum 3 people) for all walks of life. Exercises are prescribed, following assessment, that are clinically reasoned and have pathological justification for you, the client. Therefore the exercises are ability appropriate with the focus of facilitating and promoting core stability, flexibility and endurance while improving postural and body awareness, correcting muscle imbalances and targeting your goals.

Genesis Pilates also focuses on the wider public health initiative to increase exercise for positive health benefits therefore aiming to improve general fitness and wellbeing for all. Genesis Pilates targets the rehabilitation sector, providing Pilates as a Physiotherapy treatment. Genesis Pilates also has an interest in assisting the ante and post natal population for the management of healthy pregnancy and early to long term motherhood; always focusing on the client and their efforts to achieve their goals.

Genesis Pilates has a legal duty of care and responsibility to provide ‘a reasonable standard of care that patients / clients can expect of a physiotherapist’, a requirement stipulated by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and provided by Genesis Pilates.

Claire Riddell at Genesis Pilates is fully trained and certified by the APPI

Claire Riddell at Genesis Pilates is fully trained and certified by the APPI

What are the

Benefits of Pilates


Ante Natal

Post Natal


Face to face

Genesis Pilates sessions are all face to face, as it provides the client with:

• Social interaction with others
• Increase motivation exercising with others / interaction with the instructor
• Tactile feedback provided / proprioceptive facilitation
• Increased support and guidance from the Physiotherapist
• Increased emotional and psychological support


All sessions will require the ability to be able to get on and off the floor independently.

Genesis Pilates offers Physiotherapy led Pilates sessions on a 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 basis taking into consideration your anatomy and physiology, strength, stamina, endurance etc. The sessions are mat based but can use equipment to expand capability and technique. Block bookings are also available – please see price list or email claire@genesispilates.com for more information

Everyone attending Genesis Pilates undertakes an initial consultation where you will be assessed from a Physiotherapy perspective. This enables the Pilates sessions to be appropriate for you and tailored to your goals / level.

During the initial consultation you will be taught the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) fundamentals with regards to the anatomy and physiology of Pilates to ensure you are educated and have an understanding of the concept of how to perform the exercises and what the exercises aim to target. During the sessions the Physiotherapist provides both verbal and proprioceptive feedback to ensure you are completing each exercise appropriately and the technique is corrected where required. Advice will be given during the consultation of any particular exercises that are inappropriate for you, thus ensuring your safety – variations or modifications will be provided where required.

The cost of the initial consultation covering Physiotherapy and Pilates is £60.

Physio led Pilates sessions tailored specifically to you, your requirements and your pace. Focused at all times on you, the client, your goals and objectives. Perfect if you wish to learn, refresh or further refine aspects of Pilates with or without the use of equipment, whatever your level.

Beginner Pilates: Individuals with pre-exisiting health conditions looking for support or guidance with their Pilates or rehabilitation. An individual new to pilates and the APPI method.

Intermediate / Advanced Pilates: Individuals who demonstrate physical understanding of the fundamentals of Pilates and the ability to control the precision of movement in more advanced levels of exercises for increasing periods of time.

The physiotherapist will always progress you at an appropriate speed, so you will always be challenged appropriately according to ability.

Pilates sessions can be completed on a 1:2 and 1:3 basis at Genesis Pilates and are appropriate for anyone wishing to complete a session with a friend or two in a small group. All individuals must have undertaken an individual initial consultation with the Physiotherapist prior to a group session. Sessions can only run if fully populated.

Due to the change in physiological circumstances both the ante and post natal sessions are structured differently to all other sessions. They run at a slightly slower pace to ensure that the mum to be/mum are comfortable with position changes and that the baby is happy throughout in both the ante and post natal sessions. The sessions are informal which postnatally gives you time to be able to tend to your baby and include your baby in the exercises and antenatally enables you to ask any questions no matter how big or small.

Session Rates


Initial consultation: £60
50min Session: £50
Block booking (x4): £180 (£45 per session)


50min Session: £37.50
Block booking (x4): £120 (£30 per session)


50min Session: £30
Block booking (x4): £90 (£22.50 per session)

(all costs above are priced per person)

What to bring to a session

Hand Towel

Bottle of Water

Post natal session:

anything you may require to care for your baby

You will need to wear clothes that you are comfortable exercising in, that do not restrict movement but maintain dignity.


Genesis Pilates is located in the heart of the Henley-in-Arden countryside in a purpose-built studio, providing a serene environment as the backdrop to your bespoke sessions. In the summer the bi-folds are open to the rolling landscapes and in the cold winter months, the underfloor heating provides a warm haven to complete your sessions.

A little off the track, google maps will bring you to the door where some sat navs will stop down the lane. Please use the following post code: B95 5QJ



To book an initial consultation to start your Genesis Pilates journey or for any further questions or information, please use our contact form or contact our Physiotherapist: claire@genesispilates.com

Please provide your name and telephone number for return contact if this is more appropriate than an email response.

Welcome to your beginning with Genesis
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